Eco News- November 2014

At last night’s Parent Council Meeting Cathryn  and Kaitlyn presented the Eco Group’s Action plan and answered questions from the group. Please click the link below to see the Action Plan. 

Eco Action Plan

At the meeting the subject of Christmas cards was discussed. We currently have 380 children in school and if each one sends out 20 cards that results in 7,600 cards being distributed in our school. As we are and Eco School,   it was agreed that each child will take one card into school, all the children will sign it and then each child would take home a different Christmas Card.

We are still collecting bottle tops from milk cartons, batteries and stamps which will be recycled and by doing this releases funds for various charities.

We also discussed the garden area in the playground, please remind your child/children not to play in this area in the morning/after school as some of the smaller plants are being trampled on- thank you.

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