We have been busy in P3R this term.

We are fully up and running with our topic ‘Shops and Businesses’ and we are enjoying getting our products ready for our Christmas Fair. Our company ‘Merry Milkshake’ has very high standards and we are having a think about what job role we would like to have within our company. Today we will be writing our job application forms, thinking carefully about all our past experience that will help persuade the Business Managers that we deserve that role. In preparation for Saturday we have been having a focus on money in maths, which will hopefully stand our Sales Assistants and Cashiers in good stead on the day!

In literacy we have been working very hard on our reflective reading skills and have spent quite a while brushing up on our inference skills. We are getting much better at predicting what might happen and looking for all those clues in the pictures and within the words we read.

We have had quite a few visitors to school this term. Rosie from the Hutton Institute came and spoke about Bees and how useful they are to our environment. During World of Work Week we were given an insight into many different professions such as Pharmacy, Sports Development, Dentistry, Business Development and Vocal Coaching. We had a fantastic week and thank you to all our visitors who gave up their time to come and speak to us.

Jumping on the latest bandwagon we thought we would show you a snapshot of our day through our very own Mannequin challenge. Β Mrs Rough would quite like to do one of these every week as it has never been so quiet! (I apologise for the camera work!)