P4/5GH Class News

We have had a very busy school year so far! In September we visited Cocoa Ooze and had so much fun making chocolate bars and lollipops. We understand the process of chocolate from bean to bar andย had fun researching the countries that produce cocoa beans and how far they travel to the UK.

This term our topic is Rivers and Oceans. We have been learning about the World’s major rivers and oceans and we have used the internet to research the impact of pollution on them. We have created a variety of food chains and we can all explain how the water cycle works. We did a Super Science experiment to test soluble and insoluble substances in water. We learned lots of scientific words and terms and Mrs Garden and Mrs Hubert were delighted with our amazing Science reports. We had lots of interesting visitors in World of Work Week and we learned so much about their jobs.

In PE with Mr Macindoe we completed a two week block on skipping then moved on to Gymnastics. We have been working on balance and control, core strength and stability and decision making. We are about to begin Scottish Country Dancing and hopefully we can do some at our Christmas party!

At the moment we are busy getting ready for the School Fair. We have all made bags of Christmas chocolates and Christmas keyrings. We think they are amazing and we hope you can come and buy some at the Fair on Saturday 3rd December!