P2D – Feel the Force!

We have been very busy this term learning all about forces for our new topic.

To find out more about gravity and air resistance, we made parachutes strong enough to support an egg.  We tried parachuting the eggs from different heights.  Some faired better than others!


We even created our own forces art, using paint and a salad spinner.  We discovered that different patterns were created depending on the force that we exerted.


We also learned about friction through the “Jelly Challenge”.  We quite easily moved jelly from plate to plate when there was friction between the chopsticks and the jelly cubes.  However, once we added oil everything changed.  It was nearly impossible to pick up the jelly cubes.  We talked about it and decided that when we added the oil, the jelly became slippery as there was less friction.  That made it harder to grip the cubes.


After learning all about magnets, we decided to make our own games using magnets.  Our games were based around going fishing.  We had lots of fun designing, making and playing our games.


To test all our fantastic forces knowledge, we took a trip to Satrosphere for their “Feel the Forces” workshop.  We had a wonderful time!