P6R December News

It’s been a busy month in Primary 6R! 
Last week, pupils from Primary 6R became journalists and interviewed pupils from Primary 2D about their “Elf on the Shelf”.  Below is a few examples of the children’s work.
Wednesday 14th December 2016
On December 1st, a magical Christmas elf called Bertie was dropped off at Airyhall School.  Rumours suggest that the elf was dropped off by Santa, all the way from the North Pole.
The magical elf has a bright green jacket and a dark black belt.  The elf has been caught doing naughty things such as drawing moustaches on the pupil representative photos and zip wiring across the classroom.
P2D claim that Bertie set them secret missions which they were not allowed to tell Miss Donald about.  Their secret missions were to get Miss Donald to sing Jingle Bells, to swap seats without Miss Donald knowing, to get Miss Donald to do a kangaroo impression and to earn more Dojo points than any other class in the school.  So far, the boys and girls in P2D have competed three out of four missions – they have not yet made Miss Donald sing.
The boys and girls in P2D love Bertie and are excited to see what tricks he will play in the future.
Wednesday 14th December 2016
On December 1st 2016, much to their surprise, Primary 2D found an elf called Bertie in their classroom.
The elf was sent from Santa to see if the pupils were well behaved.  He appeared in a waterfall of glitter and was discovered in a stocking.  Later that day, pupils in P2D caught a glimpse of Santa.  When asked, Oliver said “I am sure I saw a man in a bright red suit”.
Shortly after, a letter was sent to Airyhall office containing challenges.  The pupils in Primary 2 were set four different missions.  They were challenged to make their teachers do a kangaroo impression as well as sing Jingle Bells, swap seats without their teacher knowing and get more Dojo’s than any other class.  When asked Catriona said “We achieved three out of four so that’s not bad”.
This week, Bertie has been in the medical room because pupils have been touching him.  The pupils hope he will get better soon so that he can enjoy Christmas.
Wednesday 14th December 2016
P2D have been visited by an Elf on the Shelf and it has been up to some mischief around the class.  The elf is called Bertie and was first sent to Airyhall on December 1st.  He wears green clothes and has a black belt.
The elf has been setting the pupils secret missions that their teacher is not allowed to know about.  The missions were to make their teacher sing Jingle Bells, do a kangaroo impression, swap seats without their teacher noticing and get more Dojo points than any other class.  When asked, Megan and Molly said “We did well, we completed three out of four missions”.
Bertie has been up to a lot of mischief throughout December.  He has drawn on the pupil representative pictures and has been zip wiring across the classroom.  When asked what he likes about Bertie, Harry said “My favourite thing about Bertie is how cheeky he is, I find him really funny”.
Last week Bertie spent some time in the medical room.  Some believe this was because he was touched as when elf’s are touched, they lose their magic.  When asked why he thought Bertie was in the medical room, Oliver said “Maybe he hurt himself whilst playing on the zip line”.
When Bertie arrived at Airyhall, some of the younger children saw Santa Claus in the playground.  Teachers and children believe Santa was here to drop off Bertie.  When asked, Catriona said “Someone saw red out of the corner of their eye and another pupil saw a man with a white beard and a round tummy”.
P2D are wondering what mischief Bertie will get up to before the end of term and are eager to know if they will get presents from Santa Claus.
Primary 6R have individually designed their own version of Kelly’s Cats for their 2017 calendars.  The architect William Kelly was commissioned to decorate the newly-widened Union Street Bridge in 1908 and he chose to do so with leopards which became known as Kelly’s Cats.  This year one hundred concrete copies of Kelly’s Cats were offered to sponsors (local businesses, organisations and individuals).  Each sponsor was responsible for decorating their own Cat.  They were displayed in the window of Waterstones bookstore in September before being auctioned off for charity.
This week, we’ve had lots of fun (and made lots of mess) making snowmen for our Christmas craft.  We used cut up socks and rice.
Miss Ross and all the children in P6R wish you all a Merry Christmas and very best wishes for 2017!
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