P2D – Artists and Inventors

What a busy few months it has been in P2D!  We have been learning all about inventors for our new topic.  We have looked at the lives and inventions of important individuals such as Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci.

We studied the flying machine sketches of Leonardo da Vinci.  Following that, we decided to create our own flying machines.  We planned, made, tested and adapted our designs before their first flights.

IMG_0819 IMG_0833 IMG_0877 IMG_0885 IMG_0899

We also looked at the art of Leonardo da Vinci.  We reflected on the mysterious Mona Lisa and what we thought gave her that enigmatic smile.  We painted our own Mona Lisa’s and even wrote imaginative stories about her. Here is an example:

One crisp, starry evening I took a stroll to visit the Louvre museum in France.  I went with my family because we enjoy looking at the paintings.  The Louvre has shimmering water and twinkling lights.

I crept off to see the Mona Lisa.  She looked exquisite and she was protected by the glass.  Around her was a golden frame.

Suddenly, the Mona Lisa talked.  I was astonished.  She said, “Please can you help me escape?”

We went to Airyhall School.  We had fun playing at break.  She LOVED P2D.  She helped me with my work.  She met Miss Donald. She even ate lunch with me.  We had lots of fun.  She will never return!


In maths, we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes.  We created shape art in the style of famous artist Wassily Kandinsky.

IMG_1126 IMG_1120IMG_1122

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we read a story called ‘The Day that Rained Hearts’.  We imagined what we would do if we were out one day and it started to rain hearts.  We wrote our own imaginative stories.



We also used oil pastels and water colour to create pieces of art to illustrate our stories.

 IMG_1137 (Edited) IMG_1141

We are looking forward to our next topic which will be based around ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.