Class News from Primary 5/6C

We are now back to school after a lovely mid-term break and welcoming the sunshine and warmer temperatures of Spring!  Since we last blogged an awful lot has gone on in P5/6C, we’re always busy!  We have welcomed lots of visitors to school including representatives from NSPCC, SSPCA, The Sandpiper Trust and most recently the Scottish Opera team.

We had an incredible time last Tuesday as we managed to put together a show in a matter of hours.  P5/6 collaborated with P5H, P6R, children from P4/5G/H and the boys from P6/7J to retell the story of ‘Tam O’ Shanter’.  We were named ‘The Witches Crew’ and came out to catch Tam on his way home.  We worked incredibly hard and are extremely proud of ourselves adn all that we achieved.  Our teacher is too! What a fantastic showcase for the parents, we can’t wait to take part again next year!

Since then, we have begun to look at the life of Mary Queen of Scots.  We have worked together with friends to complete her family tree and most recently, having studied her life, have created a timeline of significant events.  Horrible Histories really brings the story to life for us and we are enjoying watching clips, listening to a class text and will soon create newpaper reports about her.

With the help of both Miss Currie and Mrs Anderson we are further developing our knowledge of Fairtrade and what buying Fairtrade produce really means for the farmers and factory workers involved.  We have debated as a class whether it should be supported or not, and from this created a persuasive piece of writing.  We have taken part in a Fairtrade families afternoon and learned all about Fairtrade footballs, having a go at making our own, similar to the ones used in third world countries.  Mrs Anderson further discussed the Fairtrade premium and we looked at what products can be bought near us that are Fairtrade.

Miss Currie has organised a lot of events over Fairtrade Fortnight and we have already enjoyed taking part in ‘Beat the Banana’ and loved having the opportunity to buy Fairtrade produce from our Tuckshop for snack.

A few more weeks to go and we can then all enjoy a well earned rest.  Well done P5/6C.  Keep up the good work!  I am going to now try to upload of videos from both the Scottish Opera Performance and Strictly Come Dancing, wish me luck!