P6R February News


At the end of January, Primary 6R took part in training with volunteers from the Sandpiper Trust.  The aim of the Sandpiper Trust is to help save lives in Scotland by improving immediate care, especially in the remote and rural areas.  During this workshop, the children learned basic first aid skills and used the acronym DR ABC to remember the steps: Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation.

As suggested by the pupils, Primary 6R visited Yo! Sushi to explore Japanese food.  Following a discussion about Japanese cuisine, the children were asked to guess the names of mystery ingredients.  The children were then invited to taste Tomago and Pickled Ginger – some (including Miss Ross) were unsure of the taste!  After this, everyone followed step by step instructions to make Cucumber Maki and Inari to take back to school.  Whilst the chefs cut up the Maki, the children were given the opportunity to try chopsticks.  In tables, the pupils had an edamame bean race.  Primary 6R were a credit to Airyhall School and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Last week, Primary 6R took part in a Scottish Opera performance.  Throughout the term, children worked hard to learn three Scottish Opera songs.  The pupils spent one morning with the Scottish Opera Team to add in actions before performing to the whole school and family members.