P4B Invention Collection

It’s been another busy month here in P4. We have been singing and dancing for our P3/4 show – which was a great success today! Hope you all enjoyed! We have been finishing our topic on Developing Technologies. We’ve been learning about how to access the Internet safely and having a go at Coding programmes. We’ve researched how technology has changed our lives over the years. Which brings me to the next project that we’ve been working on… Our Inventions. The task was to think of a real life problem or issue that we encounter and fix this by creating an outstanding invention. Well done to everyone (parents included!). There were some amazing ideas and I think we have some budding business minds with ideas to change the future.

All that remains to say is have a lovely holiday and as our song said, don’t forget to come back next term πŸ™‚

Mrs Burnett and P4 x