P1/2 Museum of Me

What a busy few weeks it has been in Primary 1/2. We finished off our Around the world topic and decided that we would like to stay a little bit closer to home this time so began thinking about putting on our own museum exhibition.
We learned about what school was like for Victorian children and all decided that we would not like to go back to that. We did a Victorian spelling test where we all had to write with our right hands and use chalk and slate. It made it much harder for some of us.
We then started planning what we could do for our exhibition. We decided on the Museum of Me and all brought something that was special to us that we could display.
We learned about cubism and had a go at our own Picasso inspired self portraits to be displayed in our class art gallery.
The children worked so hard to put our exhibition together and really hope that all of our visitors enjoyed it!