Class News P5/6C

As we counted down towards the end of a busy term and the start of the Easter holidays there was a buzz of learning and excitement in P5/6C!  There were lots of things going on and I’d like to highlight just a few.

Firstly, children have thoroughly enjoyed our food technology topic which was rounded off with a fantastic visit to the Toby Carvery where the manager Jim treated us like Kings!  We got to take part in practical activities, further developed our knowledge of what a balanced diet really means and finally, filled our tummies with some delicious food before getting back to school.  The children tried food they had not tried before and Jim showed us how to make some delicious, healthy smoothies.

Linked to this, the children have also had the opportunity to recite a talk to their peers.  The focus this term was on food technology and children were asked to investigate something they enjoyed eating.  They could then look into how it is made, where it is made, the costings involved and importantly, the carbon footprint involved.

Tying in with both food technology and Fairtrade fortnight, we had a fun morning baking together.  The children were left to share out all ingredients and follow the recipe displayed with little help from adults.  Everyone worked really well together and created some tasty Fairtrade treats to share.

Within literacy we have explored recount writing and paired this with writing an effective newspaper report.  We spent time looking at examples, studying the genre specific features of a newspaper report and then got busy!  We wrote recounts of both The Scottish Opera experience and Fairtrade Fortnight within Airyhall School.  At the children’s request we ‘set the room up like an office’ and everyone typed up their final piece.  Children were thrilled to get their ideas on the screen and then printed out on a real front cover!

We have also made a great deal of progress in our handwriting.  The children found joining their handwriting tricky but the opportunity to practise this in shaving foam every week soon motivated them to give it a go!  The children’s skills have now developed dramatically and we continue to enjoy learning new joins each week.

Both maths groups have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages.  This is often a tricky area of numeracy but everyone has worked incredibly hard to develop their understanding and see the links between the concepts.

Here’s to a fantastic final term together.  We look forward to new topics, a variety of experiences outwith the school building and lots of learning and laughter together.

Miss Currie