P2D – Staying Safe and Healthy

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe and healthy through our topic on ‘The Health Service’.

We learned all about what to do in an emergency and the different people that can help us.

We also looked at the importance of keeping our teeth clean and healthy.  We carried out an experiment considering things that are good and bad for our teeth.  We used eggs to represent our teeth and submerged one in milk and the other in coke.  The results were very interesting!    

We later wrote letters to the tooth fairy to share all of the fantastic facts that we had discovered.  We also imagined what the tooth fairy looked like and created our own.


Another area that we looked at was …GERMS!  We found out lots about germs and how they can affect us.   We created germ buster posters to share around the school so that everyone else knows how important it is to keep clean and healthy.

Part of topic involved reading the wonderful novel, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl.  We thoroughly enjoyed the story and used some of its ideas in our work.  We found out facts about using medicine safely, wrote our own imaginative stories and even created some marvellous medicine!

The end of our topic coincided with ‘Internet Safety’ week.  We discussed the importance of staying safe online and enjoyed using different technologies throughout the week.

Our next topic will see P2D becoming weather watchers.  We can’t wait!