P4/5GH Trip to Slopefield

This term, P4/5GH have visited Slopefield.  On our return we wrote a detailed report about our trip.

P4/5GH went to Slopefield and it was a good sunny day.  They went at 1.05pm from Airyhall School and it took 5 or 10 minutes to get there and they got to go with partners.  They went there to plant strawberries and onions and went with some helpers.

When they got there Terry kindly welcomed them to the allotment.  Terry told them to get their gloves and trowels.  They were split into groups, one group got to go round the allotment and look at the mini beast mansion and they saw a centipede.  While they were doing that the other group were planting strawberries and onions although the strawberries were hard to get out the box but they eventually got them out!  Before that they had to get onions from the hut which was roasting hot.  It had a box too but it was a lot easier than the strawberries.  Afterwards the other group came back so they switched. At the end Terry kindly gave them some rhubarb however some tangled it up and some people almost ate it all before we got back to school!

P4/5GH really enjoyed their time at Slopefield.  They thought that it was very interesting and very fun and will be able to help their parents with planting.

By Calum