P3R Investigate

We have been doing a lot of investigating this term. Our topic Energy and Forces has highlighted lots of questions we have about how things work.

We started off by talking about what energy is and had a look at the different types and their importance in our world. We also learned about different types of forces and how these connect to every day life. We spent a long time investigating sound energy and discovered how sound is made and travels. Musical instruments produce different sounds and we discovered why. The next task was to make our own musical instruments, trying to make different sound energy for our ‘class band’.

It was great fun, although I’m not sure the public are ready for our ‘music’ quite yet!

We then set up an investigation to see what affect different amounts of air had on sound. We discovered that theย pitch of the note gets higher the less air there was in the bottle and the pitch was lower the more air there was in the bottle. This was to do with the vibrations of the air molecules inside the bottles.