P2D – Weather Watchers!

In P2D, it has been another busy few months.  We have been enjoying learning all about the weather for our new class topic.

We loved finding out all about the water cycle and even learned a very cool water cycle rap!  After that, we made rain clouds in a jar to show how precipitation works.  It was a bit messy but great fun!

Mr. Young taught us all about different types of clouds.  We then waited for a beautiful day to go outside cloud spotting.  We enjoyed exploring the different types of clouds and the shapes that we could see in the sky.

We took advantage of another lovely day to make and fly our very own kites.  To make the kites, we had to work hard with a partner to make sure that they were strong, detailed and flyable. We followed Miss Donald’s instructions perfectly and did an excellent job.

We were fortunate to get some more wonderful weather when we went to Slopefield Allotment with P2R.  We got to plant potatoes, beans and peas, as well as pick and take home our own rhubarb.  What a treat!

As our topic comes to an end, we are very excited to be visiting Hazlehead Park next week to go den building and weather watching.  Fingers crossed the sun sticks around for a bit longer!