Biodiversity Pond Dipping at the James Hutton Institute

As a follow up from Eco Week Primary 5/6 were involved in a biodiversity investigation this afternoon. They visited the local pond area belonging to the James Hutton Institute. They were joined by Rose Toney Biodiversity coordinator for the North East who helped the pupils identify some friendly beasties from the pond. The pupils also investigated the local area taking photos of local plants, flowers and wildlife. We will use this information to create resources for other classes to visit the area.

As if all this wasnโ€™t enough they also did a litter pick while they investigated. Due to the lovely sunny weather, support from parents, staff and Rose the afternoon was success. Well done to the pupils who stayed safe, followed instructions and were kind and considerate to the mini-beasts that we found. The Couperโ€™s Pond area is open to the public and the James Hutton Institute is holding their own Bio-Blitz in July with lots of activities free for the family to join in with. We will keep you posted on this event!