P5/6C May news

We have thoroughly enjoyed our design topic.  It has all come to an end now but before finishing, we all looked at different types of bridges together.  We discussed tension and compression and how each type of bridge, although designed differently, have the same science behind them!  We split into teams, researched our bridges and used our design kits to create them.  We discussed possible improvements that could be made to each others and presented our final models to each other.

We are now looking at pollution and fishing on the run up to the end of term.

P6 also enjoyed a day out with other children from around the area as we attended a sporting event at Hazlehead Academy.  It was great fun and everyone cooperated well.

As we look towards the end of the year, Mrs Anderson will be teaching the children about ‘Other World Religions’, we will try to squeeze in a fishing trip and we are hopeful our cricket tournament may be rescheduled.  We have Sport’s Day to look forward to next week and a trip out next Wednesday to Aberdeen College.  Both Primary 5 and 6 children will also cover their own age appropriate sexual health units over the coming weeks.