May in P3R

Over the last month we have been working very hard with our student teacher Mr Scott.

As part of our topic Energy and Forces we were studying magnetism. We made our very own magnet games with the people at our tables. We had to design our own games and we made our own logos too! We were given some materials on out tables like a bar magnets, circle magnets, paper, string, paper clips, water, pens, Numicon pegs, a little car, metal plates and a few other things. One team made a little track that things had to travel along. Another team made Β a fishing game where you had to catch things and another made a magnet maze. We had a load of fun playing each others games.


We also had great fun outside launching the rockets that we made in pairs. We had to push air into the rocket and eventually the rockets blasted up into the air. They went quite high and quite far. We discovered that depending on what materials we added to our rockets made a difference to how far and how high they went. We now all know a little bit more about aerodynamics.

Written by P3R.