P3G – We’re all out of energy!

P3G have come to the end of their Energy and Forces topic with Miss Sweeney, so they have written a little bit about it to let you know how they got on.

We have been busy having fun with science. We have carried out some excellent science experiments. We had to work out how to power a propeller motor for a clown’s bow tie and make a clown’s eyes blink on and off using little light bulbs. We worked in our groups to try and solve the problem. Also, we tested out different materials to see if a car would accelerate and travel further down a ramp. The wooden surface was the best. Finally, we had a great time dropping eggs with a parachute out of Mrs Hubert’s window. It was the most eggscellent time!

Written by P3G

Today, we received a lovely email from a class in Canada. They have been reading the Flat Stanley books and wanted to help him, Flat Stanley, travel to different places in the world, and asked if we could help. So we spent this morning showing their Canadian Flat Stanley around some of our favourite places in the school and sent an email back to the class with his photos. Here are some of our favourite places featuring Canadian Flat Stanley: