P2D – An Ancient Adventure!

We ended our last topic with a fantastic trip to Hazlehead Park.  What a beautiful day we got for our visit!  We went weather watching, took a ‘Global Goals’ tour and built some very impressive dens in the woods.

We have now started our final class topic which is ‘Ancient Egypt’.  It has been so interesting to find out about the life and times of the Ancient Egyptians.

We began by looking at Ancient Egypt on a timeline to discover its place in history.  We then explored artefacts from the time, predicting what they might be.

We have learned how to write in hieroglyphics and about the importance of the River Nile.  As part of this, we discovered that the farmers of Ancient Egypt used a contraption called a shaduf to get water from the river.  We created our own model shadufs in teams.

We found out all about pyramids, where and how they were built as well as their purpose.  We have learned all about the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and even imagined what life as a pharaoh would be like.  We even designed our own Ancient Egyptian collars to ensure that we looked truly royal.

Next, we will be finding out about the links between Scotland and Ancient Egypt, as well as mummifying apples!  It is going to be a busy last few weeks in P2D!