A Morning of Bees and Plants for Primary 3

Primary 3R spent a fantastic morning at Hazlehead Park seeing some Honey Bees up close and personal! After a route march to the park we met with Rob who introduced us to some park rangers and some bee keepers who had very kindly come along to help us for the morning.

We were able to see bees in an enclosed hive and see them working very hard on their honey comb. We could spot the closed up cells that they had already prepared for the winter and we could see the other cells starting to fill up with honey.  Underneath this was the nursery, where some larva were hidden behind a seal, growing and getting ready to work!  The Queen Bee was a little hard to spot as there was a large swarm at the top of the hive hiding her but eventually she was spotted.  The bee keepers had put a white dot on her with a special pen so that we could spot her as she moved about the hive, she was huge!

It was amazing to watch the bees at work!

We also planted over two hundred plants in the park. The plants are ones that bees and butterflys are attracted to and the rangers hope that this will encourage more to the park.

If you are out and about in the park be sure to go and see all our hard work!