Goodbye P6R 2016-2017

To my wonderful Primary 6R
I can’t believe we’ve come this far
In Room 15 we’ve had a ball
I’ve loved my first year teaching at Airyhall
You’ve learned a lot but taught me too
I’m the teacher I am because of you
This school year has passed too fast
But we’ve made memories that will last
My probation class, I’ll never forget
Every single one of you that I’ve met
Thank you for always being enthusiastic
Kind, hard-working and totally fantastic
Thanks to your parents for supporting me too
They’re lucky to have a child as special as you
For now it’s time to say goodbye
I’ll try not to but I’ll probably cry
I will miss you all so very much
Promise me that you’ll stay in touch?
Teaching you has been my pleasure
Now to enjoy 7 weeks of leisure
Good luck for P7, I’m sure you’ll impress
And have a future filled with fun and success