Welcome to P3D!

Welcome to P3D’s blog! We have had a really busy start to the year and have all settled in brilliantly to life in primary 3. It is hard to believe that term 1 is nearly over already!

Our first topic, “Rainforest vs Woodland”, has been a fantastic one.  We have all enjoyed learning about and comparing these two interesting habitats.

One of the tasks that we enjoyed the most was finding out about the different layers of the rainforest. We created some art to show what we had learned and even included pictures of ourselves on the forest floor.

Another interesting aspect of our topic has been finding out more about all of the creatures that inhabit the rainforests and woodlands. We have enjoyed researching these animals and using them as a stimulus for artwork.

We have also used these environments as inspiration for imaginative pieces of writing.  Our focus has been to include detail and description, using our senses to depict these wonderful settings.  Here is an example:

Water glistening through my reflection.

Only me in the gloomy, mysterious woods.

Over my head I spot the loud, hooting owls flying gracefully.

Dancing leaves falling from the tall trees twirling like professional ice-skaters.

Leaves crunching under my feet as I walk through the endless woods.

A shimmering beam of light cuts through the tall trees.

Nature creeping before my eyes.

Down on the ground lay hidden secrets.

Our current focus is plants.  We have thought about the features of plants and what they need to grow.  This week, each table in the class received a plant.  We are taking on responsibility for caring for that plant, thinking about exactly what it will need to grow and thrive.

Each table has named their plant and adopted a role in caring for it.  These are very lucky plants as they are enjoying air, light, water, love and even…song!

To bring our topic to a close, we will have a visit from “The Critter Keeper” next week.