Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

On Friday 6th October 2017 we held a fundraiser for the charity ‘Habitat for Humanity’.  We chose this charity as one of the families in our school has relatives who are volunteering with them in Nepal.

We thought that this fundraiser would be a fantastic way to further educate our pupils about the importance of charity work and also the importance of having a safe house to live in (Article 27).

The charity helps to:

  • Build homes
  • Provide disaster response
  • Provide clean water and sanitation
  • Support land rights by trying help government support house building
  • Set up small businesses for locals to make money (Microfinance)
  • Make communities more energy efficient


The Rights Respecting Group decided what activities we should run at the fundraiser and created the advertising for the event. There was lots of different stalls set up in the Gym Hall such as Beat the Goalie, house building competitions and a house designing competition.

We raised a fantastic amount of money for the charity and helped to raise awareness of the important work that they do.

Thank you for helping us help other children across the world!

The Rights Respecting Group