P6/7C – November News!

What a busy little time we have all had in P6/7C.  We should start by mentioned the final day of Term 1.  We really did have a fantastic time learning all about Victorian Aberdeen but a day in a Victorian classroom really was the icing on the Victoria sponge cake!  All of the children made such an effort to come to school dressed as a Victorian child.  We entered a somewhat dull looking classroom, now featuring rows of desks, a dunces corner, blackboards and even the stationary had taken a trip back in time too!  Miss Currie got into character and needless to say, Primary P6/7C were glad to see the back of her come the end of the day!  Everyone took part in traditional Victorian lessons including dictation and historical studies of previous Kings and Queens of Britain.  Prior to lunchtime, the children also enjoyed some outdoor activities in true Victorian style.  Games included quoits, skipping and some of us mastered the art of ‘hoop and stick’.

This term we have allowed our creative juices to flow as we began studying the work of some local artists.  We have already learned about Iain Carby.  We researched his work and the inspiration behind it.  Soon (set to inspire our Christmas cards!) we will be studying the life and work of Johanna Basford, famous for bringing mindfulness colouring books to the consumer market.  We have explored different medias whilst creating our work and importantly, have ventured into some more technical design technology.  We are all exploring the art of the blanket stitch as we sew Christmas decorations to take home at the end of the term.

Primary 7 have also developed life skills whilst cycling alongside other road users this term as they completed their Bikeability 2 training.  Again, showing maturity at all times, our pupils were a credit to the school.  It has to be said that everyone involved took the course very seriously and were able to carry out maneuvers with increased skill, competence and confidence as the weeks went on.  We must take a moment to thank the teachers, PSA’s, parent helpers, Bikeability experts and City Warden’s for the important part they all played in ensuring the course was a success.  The children will receive certificates and badges at the end of this week.

P7 were also visited by Sally from Adventure Aberdeen.  She spoke to us about Cromdale and organised some fun team activities for us to complete in the hall.  Much more Cromdale news to come in the new year.

We all enjoyed learning about skills for learning, life and work this month as we were visited by firemen, dental nurses and a solicitor this month as part of World of Work week.  I wonder if our visitors have inspired our children to consider following in their footsteps one day?

Finally, only last weekend we enjoyed taking part in the Airyhall Christmas Fair.  A number of weeks ago we came to a decision together about what we would like to make and sell as part of the fundraising event.  We settled on all natural decoration and slow cooker fudge! Yum.  We collected natural materials including twigs, sticks, stones, moss, fallen branches, acorns and dried winter berries.  We used the materials to design and create beautiful Christmas tree decorations.  We created snowmen, robins, penguins, reindeer, Christmas trees and much more.  Alongside this we designed posters, settled on prices and created an impressive sign to show off our goods.  Our fudge was child friendly as we were able to make it in the slow cooker and package it ourselves.  We created recipe cards to hand out when people bought fudge to take home to friends, family and loved ones.

It’s the countdown to Christmas now as we are in the midst of Christmas parties, Christmas lunch, concert rehearsal and crafting!  We’ll see you soon on the the other side of the festivities…!