P6R – November News

In Primary 6R, we are enjoying our new topic, “An Artist Study”.  The artist we have chosen to focus on is Vincent van Gogh.  So far, we have learned about his life and used our learning to write diary entries from the perspective of Vincent van Gogh throughout different stages of his life.  We have also replicated one of his most famous pieces of work, ‘Sunflowers’.  Following this, we have written poetry based on ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘The Starry Night’.


Sunflower, sunflower, as yellow as a banana.
Sunflower, sunflower, as bright as a highlighter.
Sunflower, sunflower, as golden as the sun.
Sunflower, sunflower, as brown as mud.
Sunflower, sunflower, as dark as chocolate.
Sunflower, sunflower, as green as slime.
Sunflower, sunflower, as vibrant as an emerald.

Sunflower, dancing in the wind.
Sunflower, swishing in the breeze.
Sunflower, swinging in the air.
Sunflower, swaying swiftly.
Sunflower, twirling like a ballet dancer.
Sunflower, setting like the sun when wilting.
Sunflower, as still as a concrete brick.

Sunflower, as soft as a pillow.
Sunflower, as spiky as a hedgehog.
Sunflower, as light as a feather.
Sunflower, as thin as paper.
Sunflower, as smooth as silk.
Sunflower, as bumpy as a hill.
Sunflower, as delicate as glass.

Sunflower, as long as a giraffe’s neck.
Sunflower, reaching for the stars.
Sunflower, as tall as a giant.
Sunflower, as slow as a snail.
Sunflower, as elevated as a building.
Sunflower, stretching towards the sun.
Sunflower, as large as a tree.

By Sam Keesing

Night of Stars

Starry, starry night, you are as deep and dark as the endless universe.
Starry, starry night, you can be as frightening quarantine in Area 51.
Starry, starry night, you stay so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
Starry, starry night, you are as gloomy and as misty as Halloween.
Starry, starry night, you are as majestic as a lion.

Lights of the night, you are luminous pocket-sized balls of fire.
Lights of the night, you are a shiny as the crown jewels.
Lights of the night, you are mega bright – just like the moon.
Lights of the night, you light up the on-going universe.
Lights of the night, you are twinkly, dainty objects.

Beautiful you are, as magical as Disneyland at Christmas.
Beautiful you are, are breathtaking as the Aurora Borealis.
Beautiful you are, glossy black like a shiny-clean chalkboard.
Beautiful you are, stunning like a sunrise.
Beautiful you are, gorgeous and glamorous like a super model.

Oh your atmosphere, it is so windy like a devastating tornado.
Oh your atmosphere, it is so numbing like a freezer.
Oh your atmosphere, it is so sad and depressing.
Oh your atmosphere, it is so terrifying like a horror movie.
Oh your atmosphere, how dusty and murky can you get?

By Darcey Shearer

We had an extremely busy World of Work Week, receiving inputs from Steven Shaw (Aberdeen City Council Environmental Team), Julia Black (Marine Scientist), Rebecca Jacob and Euan Wilson (Dental Nurses), Emma Watt (Aberdeen City Council Projects Team), Duncan Murray (Managing Director of Software/Virtual Reality), Mark Aitken (Fire Service) and Jack Taylor (ROV Operator).  We were even lucky enough to FaceTime Miss Ross’ best friend, Cat, (Senior Associate of Ducatus Partners) who works in Houston.  Thank you to all – your time and effort is very much appreciated.

Room 15 are very much in the Christmas spirit and worked hard to prepare for the Christmas Fair.  Working collaboratively, the children baked MerryTeaser biscuits to sell.  In addition, the children created posters to advertise our stall, designed packaging labels and wrote recipes.  We made a grand total of £75 – thanks to all who contributed.  The countdown to Christmas is on!