All Boxed Up In P3R!

November has been another busy month in primary 3. We have been continuing our artist study on Pablo Picasso and have been comparing his work to that of Piet Mondrian. Mondrian was inspired by Picasso when he was younger and we could spot some examples of cubism and abstract art in his work.

To tie in with our work on 3D shape in maths we made cubes in the style of Piet Mondrain.  It was really good fun but Mrs Rough somewhat regrets making them so big! Look forward to them coming home!

We also had great fun making our 3D guitars. We used card and newspaper to build the shape of them and them covered them in Modroc.  Some of us were not too keen on getting so messy but the results made it all worth it.

We have done some fantastic pieces of writing this month as well. We had to write a piece where we compared two pieces of art. We had to use persuasive words and phrases to convince our readers why one was better than the other. We are turning into wonderful art critics.  Today we wrote instructions on how to construct a homemade cube ( just in case you need more giant cubes in your homes in the future!)

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us at the Christmas Fair. Sorry to the disappointed customers, our product was just too appealing!  We had great fun counting up our profits on the Monday. Lots of real money to get our hands on.

We are now busy rehearsing our Christmas songs and looking forward to sharing them with those who can make it.