Happy New Year P7

Well all the Christmas festivities are over and it’s down to hard work in Term 3 for Primary 7. This tends to be a very busy academic term where we get our heads down and cover as much as possible before all the transition activities of Term 4 kick in. This term we will be focussing on building our organisational skills, time management and extended listening, all in preparation for moving up to Secondary.

We welcomed back Mr Clarke for a further 4 week placement. He will be working with the whole class over the period in all areas of the curriculum.

The term has started with us focussing on our new topic of Food and Textiles linking in with the importance of sustainability within both areas. We researched the journeys that different foods have taken and worked out both the food miles and resultant carbon footprint of shortbread  and cranachan  both which we made and consumed. We will sample the cranachan at our Burns Supper and shortbread at our open afternoon. ( Also for our visitors! )

We then did some information handling with data taken from our food packaging and produced pie charts using the laptops showing the origins of our produce. We discovered some foodstuffs had travelled from as far afield as Thailand, Nepal, Colombia, Morocco and some not so very far such as Aberdeenshire or Angus.

We then moved on to analysing the nutritional value of various foodstuffs , looking at sugar,salt,fat and fibre content to allow us to make informed healthy choices in our diet. We then expressed these statistics in bar graphs to allow comparative analysis.

Perhaps a little in contrast to that ( bit too much cream in the cranachan, although good raspberries, honey and oats!) we then experienced a Burns Supper with all the sights, sounds and tastes of Robert Burns celebrations. We performed our Burns poems, sampled the traditional fayre, listened to the pipes and experienced the fun and exhilaration of Scottish Country Dancing. A great time was had by all, although for some haggis was not necessarily their favourite dish.

We dressed the part for our Burns Supper in touches of tartan which emphasised the importance of this sustainable textile in our Scottish culture. Nothing is really more iconically Scottish than tartan and we used this textile in our recent artwork. We discussed tartan’s origins and history and some of the misunderstandings associated with it. We also discussed its sustainable quality together with its fabric challenges when being worked with, e.g. It’s ability to fray and the repition of pattern/sett. The children overcame these challenges and produced some super eye catching pieces of art.

Mr Clarke then led a very interesting and informative lesson on textile sustainability highlighting fabrics such as hemp, pinatex, orange fibre, tencel, organic cotton and wool. The children then designed clothing using these fabrics and researched the individual textiles looking at their origins, source and qualities/ limitations. P7 also learned about the Rhana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh where child labour in textile factories  and the fashion industry was highlighted  and the importance of UNCRC Article 32  ” You should not be made to do dangerous work”  was very much disregarded despite Bangladesh signing up to the UN Convention in August 1990.

The P7s also helped the younger children look at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child during our January Families session.

Interwoven with our topic we also had Road Safety Week where we discussed our Code of Conduct, calculated stopping distances, road sign recognition and bike maintenance and safety. We had a very informative workshop with representatives from RGU who underpinned the children’s Bikeabilty learning with further crucial information. We also recorded our method of travel to school and found the majority of the class travelled in a healthy and sustainable manner even in brutally chilly weather. Well done, keep it up!

Throughout this term and next the P7s will be taking part in The Greenpower Car Challenge.  ( Inspiring Engineers ) The children have had a  great workshop on ” Project Management” looking at business concepts such as budgeting, team working, time management etc. This was led by   Mr David Adams, Project Manager and Engineer                 and    Mr John Brady Bicycle Engineer who will be leading the project and working weekly with the children.

The children will design, construct, test, adapt and drive the Goblin Cars and will then compete against other schools from across the country in Alford at the Grampian Transport Museum event on 16th June 2018.

A busy start to the term ………