A New Year in P3D

Happy New Year from everyone in P3D!  We have all been settling back in to school-life well after a relaxing Christmas break.

We have now completed out ‘Artist Study’ topic. To conclude our learning, we further studied Picasso’s work, creating our own replicas of ‘The Three Musicians’.

We then moved on to researching Vincent van Gogh. We enjoyed learning about his life and works, comparing these to that of Picasso.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed this topic, we were keen to move on to our new focus – ‘Islam’. Through stories and artefacts, we have been learning about the important beliefs, practices and traditions of Islam. This has linked nicely to our beyond number maths focus of pattern, tessellation and symmetry.

We looked at how pattern and tessellation can often be seen in Islamic architecture and used this as inspiration to design Islamic stained-glass windows.  We also created Mosque silhouettes using either a warm or cold palette and sponges, to produce a striking image with an atmospheric background.

It has been chilly outside and so we have been learning all about Winter in our nice, cosy classroom. As part of this, we created some snowy art to reflect the feeling of a frosty day.

To celebrate Burns Day, we learned a poem called ‘Fireworks aff the Castle’ by Matthew Fitt. We had fun practising this poem and recited together as a class. We also designed our own kilts.

Next, we will be learning all about France and French cuisine through our ‘French Café’ topic. Très excitant!