Happy New Year P6/7C

I hope that everyone in Primary 6/7 had a fantastic, restful break over the Christmas period.  We have been so busy since being back at school that the holidays seem like they are a distant memory!  Term 3 is set to be another busy one as we have already got the ball rolling on a number of exciting projects this term.

We welcome back Miss Smith for a further 3 week placement this term. She will be working with the whole class, teaching across all areas of the curriculum.

The term has started with us focussing on our new topic of Food and Textiles, linking it closely with the importance of sustainability within both areas. We began by discussing what sustainability really meant and what we already understand about the outcomes we are set to cover when discussing food and textiles.

The children were set a challenge!  They successfully got themselves organised in groups.  Within their groups, they were to create a delicious soup.  The soup was to be locally sourced as far as possible, costings were to be researched and totally and of course, the children were then to find equipment and utensils to create their masterpiece.  I was incredibly impressed with the teamwork, cooperation, organisation and skill displayed.

Following on from this, the children will now create a second soup.  The aim on this occasion is create a soup using ingredients sourced from out with the UK.  This will allow us to track the journey foods make from source to consumer.  We will assess carbon footprints and link this to sustainability.

We have begun using food packages within school as a focus for information handling with data.  Miss Smith has discussed the information shared on food packaging and taught the children how to create a pie chart using data from a specific piece of packaging.  We now have a greater understanding of what our food contains and whether it is good for us or not.  We will now move on to analysing the nutritional value of various foodstuffs and displaying this in an alternative form.

On Friday 26th January we came together with P7M to celebrate the life and work of Robert Burns with a fantastic Burn’s supper.  We were responsible for providing the main course for all 50 of us – that’s a lot of tatties to peel!  Of course, we could not forget the haggis and neeps too.  We thank P7M for providing us with some delicious cranachan for dessert.  Rachel piped as Robbie and Finlay addressed the Haggis.  After filling our tummies we recited Burn’s poems to one another and took our party through to the gym hall where we enjoyed some traditional Scottish dancing together.  A fantastic event enjoyed by all.  Thank you to all the children for their culinary efforts and their enthusiasm in adding a ‘Touch of Tartan’ to the event.

We dressed the part for our Burns Supper which emphasised the importance of this sustainable textile in our Scottish culture. Nothing is really more iconically Scottish than tartan and we used this textile in our recent artwork.  We discussed its sustainable quality, together with its fabric challenges when being worked with.  We considered what images really make us think of Scotland are embedded within our culture.  Consolidating our learning from last term, we were able to pin a stencil to a chosen tartan and cut out our various images.  They look fantastic!

Mr Clarke visited and led a very interesting and informative lesson on textile sustainability, highlighting fabrics such as hemp, pinatex, orange fibre, tencel, organic cotton and wool. The children will soon design clothing using these fabrics after completing research on the individual textiles.  Children looked at their origins, source and qualities/ limitations. P6/7 also learned about the Rhana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh where child labour in textile factories and the fashion industry was highlighted and the importance of UNCRC Article 32 ” You should not be made to do dangerous work” was discussed.

Throughout this term and next, the P6/7s will be taking part in The Greenpower Car Challenge, set out to inspire and motivate young engineers.  The children have had a great workshop on Project Management”, looking at business concepts such as budgeting, team working, time management etc. This was led by Mr David Adams, Project Manager and Engineer and Mr John Brady, Bicycle Engineer.  Both gentlemen are enthusiastically leading the project and helping the children to design, construct, test, adapt and drive the Goblin Cars.  Drivers will then compete against other schools from across the country in Alford at the Grampian Transport Museum event on 16th June 2018.

We look forward to welcoming visitors throughout the remainder of the term and our visit to AbSafe as we approach the holidays.  Enough to be getting on with just now, what a busy start!  I did say those holidays are a distant memory …