Happy New Year from P5/6W

Firstly, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

The first few weeks of the Spring term have flown by! In P5/6W, we have got right back into the swing of things after what appeared to be a fun, festive period, enjoyed by all.

During the first week back, P5/6W took a flight to the Africa! After a safety briefing from a ‘very experienced’ air hostess, they enjoyed a quick flight to the savanna! The children have really enjoyed the topic so far. We have been learning about the locations of this ecosystem and the climates there. The class have expressed an interest in learning about the different animals that live there too! We will be moving on to life cycles and food webs in the coming weeks.

In literacy, the focus has been on imaginative and persuasive writing. The class have been able to show off their creativity and imagination by writing about their wonderful adventures on a safari. Two weeks ago, P5/6W began their persuasive writing block by debating whether education should be compulsory or not. We may have a few politicians in the making! We also had a debate on the fair treatment on animals in zoos. In addition to this, the class have been enjoying reading ‘Wilderness’ and ‘Holes’ and have developed their comprehension skills through a range of Reflective Reading tasks. The class will be beginning their Scot’s text soon which is the adapted version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Wir affa excited!

This term, we participated in a range of activities for ‘Road Safety’ week. Children attended assemblies, they worked with classmates to learn about the Green Cross Code and created slogans to encourage drivers to slow down. The class were also visited by representatives from RGU to talk to them about bike safety and maintenance.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Open Afternoon in the next couple of weeks. The class can’t wait to show case their work and share their learning with you all.

P5/6W and Miss Winchester