P4G – Commotion in the Ocean

Happy New Year everyone!

We welcomed Mr. Georgeson back to class this term and he helped us get started on our new topic – the marine  eco-system. We have mainly focussed on Coral Seas so far but we will begin to compare what we have learned with our knowledge of the North Sea. We went on an underwater journey in the classroom to hunt for fishy facts. We are also beginning to really appreciate how important the Marine eco-system is in our environment by investigating food chains. This topic has also inspired our creative writing as we have tapped into our knowledge of the ocean setting and ocean characters to help us create imaginative stories. In art, we used printing techniques to paint a coral sea setting and will soon be using colour tones to paint a North Sea painting. In science, we will be investigating how plants have had to adapt to live under the ocean. We look forward to telling you all about it!