February P7M

Well it’s that time again and it seems like a really quick month. We have been very busy with our topics, Rights Respecting activities and Fairtrade focus.

We particularly enjoyed welcoming our mums, dads, grannies and grandpas to our classroom/ school for the Open Afternoon. We had loads of visitors and a busy classroom  where we were able to share the variety of work we have been focussing on this term. The high spot was definitely the shortbread which the children prepared as part of their food and sustainability project!

The children have also been busy working on the Greenpower car which is really taking shape, the seats are in and the first children have been trying it out for size. It has been a fantastic forum for problem solving and project planning. As a battery operated car it fits well into our Greenpower/ Eco remit and this was reinforced by our visit from Ross  Adams at SCARF where the children learned about electric cars and the positive benefits to our planet of this engineering innovation. It went down particularly well with the class who seem to be experts on The Tesla, just a pity they are a bit on the expensive side!! This linked in very well to our focus on sustainability.

The children have also been researching seasonal and locally sourced foods, devising tasty menus with seasonally available products, although not sure whether I would fancy cauliflower for dessert!

We have now started our new topic, Judaism, and were lucky to welcome Debby Taylor and Diane Finkel from the Aberdeen Jewish Community to introduce their religion, traditions and celebrations. They focussed on the significance of food practices and the children were able to see some of the more important ingredients used within specific celebrations and events.

Next week is the start of our Fairtrade Fortnight where the children will further experience a variety of activities both in class and within Families.

The P7 have also just finished a raft of national tests and a big well done to them for their efforts and commitment, keep it up.

We have also been lucky to work with Madamoiselle Charlotte a French teacher from Grenoble who shared with us all about her region, school, foods, sports etc. Merci beau coup et au revoir.