February in P6R

This month, we have linked Literacy with the UNCRC (United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child) through persuasive writing: Should Secondary School Be Compulsory?  (See examples below).

“Article 28 in the UNCRC (United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child) says that all children have the right to a quality education.  In this situation, the UK Government has made it compulsory for every child to attend school, so pupils really don’t have a choice.  After all, Article 3 states that all decisions and actions that affect children must be made priority.

Children leaving primary school need to mature and they will learn more life skill as they graduate from S1-S6.  Going to secondary school also comes with its own challenges such as splitting up with friends which may not be attending the same school, however, secondary school is a great opportunity for making new friends.  It is a child’s right to have an adequate standard of living which is good enough to meet their social needs (Article 27).

In secondary, there is a chance to learn new subjects.  When I attend academy, I would love to learn more in maths and science.  This is in fitting with Article 16 which states all children have the right to access various sources of information.

Secondary is a chance for success as you get the opportunity to become prefect, house captain and head boy or head girl.  This links to Article 6 in the UNCRC which states children have the right to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential”.

With our African Savannah topic in mind, we discussed whether or not animals should have rights too.  The children chose from the following questions:

Should animals be kept in zoos?
Should animals perform in circus shows?
Should animals be used for testing?

The children researched the pros and cons of their chosen subject before deciding whether to write for or against.  Following this, the children debated in small groups.

P6R have also focused on discursive writing this month.  As Miss Ross is a big Dons fan – the children have researched a very current, on-going debate which has been extremely popular in the media: Should Aberdeen Football Club move from Pittodrie Stadium to Kingsford?  As a class, the children devised a plan, coming up with reasons both for and against the move before writing a balanced argument on the topic.  Will it be the Don of a new era or will the Kingsford development leave the SPFL club looking red-faced?

Inspired by Steven Brown’s McCoo’s, the children have used oil pastels to create vibrant African animal art.