Term 3 in P3R

We have had a really busy term 3 here in P3R.

In maths we have been doing a lot of work on position and direction.  We used the Beebots to find their way to some Paris landmarks.  We went out into the playground and we were all human Beebots.  We set up a big grid and our group had to direct us to a target.  It was great fun and we learned a lot about our communication skills, as well as our lefts and rights!

Our topic has been all about France.  It has been great fun.  Earlier in the term we were lucky to have a visit from Charlotte  Ajello who is a student teacher in France. She taught us a lot about schools in France and helped us with our pronunciation of  French words.

We had a great technology challenge where we worked in groups to build an Eiffel Tower out of newspaper.  We don’t think Gustave Eiffel would be too proud of our efforts! While we didn’t have any towers to show by the end we learned a lot about our listening and talking skills.  We discovered that for group work to be successful we needed to share our ideas with the rest of our group in order for everyone to have a clear, shared vision.  We are hoping there will be time to try again and put our new skills to good use.

World Book Day was at the start of the month and we celebrated by dressing up as a book character. We joined up with P4G and they read us stories they had been working very hard on.  They had published them onto Book Creator and we were all very impressed with the effort they had put into their work.

We are currently very busy rehearsing for our show Springtime in Paris.  Although we are all a little nervous we are excited to show all the parents our hard work.  As a little break from rehearsing Mrs Shepherd very kindly came in and read us two stories in French. It was a great session and we were all surprised by how many of the French words we knew. Thank you Mrs Shepherd, we are looking forward to seeing you again soon!