Springtime in Paris – Primary 3 and Primary 4 Production

Primary 3 and Primary 4 at Airyhall Primary showcased their learning and talents at the Spring show, Springtime in Paris. During Term 3 Primary 3 had been learning about France in their topic ‘The French Café’. Primary 4 joined the show singing and dancing and entertaining the audience.

The show was introduced by our Primary 4 violinists playing ‘Off to Paris’. During the show the pupils took an imaginary flight to Paris informing the audience about all the facts and figures they had learned in class. Then they were taken on a journey, around Paris, by a French Tour Guide. They visited landmarks and visitor attractions like the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre and continued to inform the audience of interesting facts on the way. They visited a French Café where they showed off by ordering their lunch in French. The classes had already tested out their French skills on our French student teacher who visited us from Grenoble, earlier in the term

They made the audience laugh with their witty remarks and funky dancing. In between visiting landmarks and having lunch they sang songs in French including; Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, the Rainbow Song and Frere Jaques. They had created their own song in French which was sung to the tune of one of Taylor Swift’s songs. To top it all off Primary 4 showcased a flash mob to the tune of ‘Singing in the Rain’.

  • They explored French customs, traditions and pastimes. At one point Claude Monet, an Alpine skier and a beach holiday maker all appeared on stage. They talked about famous French people and mentioned the Tour de France and French cinema.  Primary 3 then performed a puppet show of the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’.They finished off with everyone on stage singing Hip, Hip Hooray, leaving the audience feeling like they all wanted to book a flight and visit Paris themselves. The Primary 3 classes celebrated their success with a French Breakfast Buffet the following morning. Thank you to all the pupils who tried their best and all the teachers who coordinated the show! It was a huge success! J