P6R April News

P6R have started Bikeability training – a national cycling award scheme which aims to teach children safe cycling habits.  The first two sessions took place in the playground where the pupils learnt how to check their bikes to ensure they are suitable to ride.  More recently, the children have been cycling on the roads surrounding the school, learning how to do a range of manoeuvres.  So far they have practised starting, stopping, U-turns and left turns at uncontrolled junctions. The weather has been mixed although the class were fortunate enough to spend one session in the glorious sunshine.  The children are continuing to grow in confidence each week and are looking forward to the final two sessions.

The first topic of the term has been Judaism.  So far the children have been learning about Jews main beliefs as well places which are special to them.  Last week, the children made a dreidel – a four-sided, spinning top played with during Hanukkah.  Following this, the pupils wrote detailed instructions on how to make and play the game.  In addition to this, the children have even been learning how to sing a song written in Hebrew within music!

Last Friday, Airyhall School held a fundraiser for Sue Ryder’s Brick by Brick initiative.  The challenge is to raise £1,000 throughout the year to purchase a brick for the extension of the neurological care centre, Dee View Court.  The morning was a huge success thanks to the boys from P6R who helped run the stalls and the children are delighted to have raised £592.00!


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