Slopefield Allotments Update

Primary 2 pupils visited Slopefield Allotments for the first time this May in two sessions which were very successful. Pupils used the new route through RGU playing fields and enjoyed themselves by planting potatoes and sunflower seeds. They also planted sweetcorn plants in the bottle greenhouse which were grown by the primary 3 classes earlier in the year. Primary 2 took the sunflower seeds back to Airyhall to hand out to all the classes. We plan to have a sunflower competition and measure which class grows the tallest sunflower.

Whilst at Slopefield, the teachers also spoke with the classes about the potential food miles that buying potatoes and sweetcorn at the supermarket may use up and added this information to the food miles display in the Slopefield Shed.

Primary 2B have been painting rocks for the school garden and created their own addition to the Slopefield garden by finger painting a rock for the allotment.

We look forward to seeing the how the plants grow at the allotment and back at school and look out for Primary 2B’s painted rocks in the school garden and in our local parks.