Eco Week at Airyhall – Clean Up Aberdeen

We are so pleased to be taking the lead role in the campaign ‘Clean Up Aberdeen’ for the month of May. Pupils have been busy so far this month. Primary 5 and 7 started by carrying out an audit of the litter in the playground. They then went on to  display the information using Google sheets and they analysed it before sharing their findings with the whole school at our Eco Week launch assembly.

At our launch assembly we picked out our latest ‘litter winner’ tickets and there were three winners. Congratulations! We will continue to give out our raffle tickets to all those spotted putting their litter in the bins or recycling bins, in our playground. We also reminded pupils that they have Eco homework this week. Some of the activities that they can choose are; to complete a litter pick in the local area, identify litter hot-spots or to create a litter poster. We have already had some photos and posters sent in. Well done to everyone taking part!

A couple of classes have been out and about making sure all the litter that doesn’t make it into the bins is picked up too! Well done Primary 1S and Primary 3R.