Eco News

Next week’s meeting will be our last official Eco Meeting for the year with this year’s Eco Group. We will be looking over the success of Eco Week this year and planning for next year’s Eco activities.

We would like to say thank you to all the pupils who took part in the Eco Week Homework this year. We have a selection of photos below. We shared the results of our Eco Week with pupils at the beginning of the week. We were overwhelmed with the amount of work on sustainability carried out in class and once classes have finished their sustainability projects at the end of term we hope to have more to share with you.

We have some exciting things happening before the end of term and also in the Summer holidays too. The Eco Group will be meeting with the It’s Your Neighbourhood Assessors on the 2nd of June to share the work we have been doing. We hope that we can keep our grade of Outstanding again this year. On the same day we will be having a day of gardening where each class will contribute to the garden area. This will help us get it ready for the ‘Britain in Bloom’ Judges who will be coming to visit the garden on the 9th August. We are the only school representing the Aberdeen City in the Britain in Bloom competition this year. This is a great honour. We will also be entering the ‘Aberdeen in Bloom’ competition ourselves.

We are also helping out with this year’s Glitter Pick where Aberdeen City Council ‘Clean’s Up Aberdeen’ This will be happening on the 21st June! Thanks to all the pupils who picked up Litter in Eco Week. Don’t forget to take part in Litter Picks in the summer holidays!