P3D – Back to the Middle Ages

For our final class topic, we have been learning all about Medieval Scotland.  Discovering more about this interesting period in history has kept us engaged and excited over the last few weeks of school.

One of our highlights has been our medieval castle and royal self-portraits.  We loved painting ourselves as medieval kings and queens and imagining what life would have been like for a royal from the middle ages.

Another interesting artistic endeavour was learning all about Paul Klee and his creative techniques.  We studied his painting ‘Castle and Sun’ and then replicated this artwork using what we learned about his style.

One of our favourite tasks was learning about how illuminations were used to decorate and mark importance in manuscripts during the middle ages.  We discovered the different styles and imagery that were typically included and used this knowledge to create an illumination of the first letter of our names.  They turned out brilliantly!

One afternoon, we worked in pairs to design and create catapults like those used in medieval times to attack castles.  We were given some materials to choose from and NO instructions other than to work collaboratively to accomplish our designs.  Of course, they were all successful!  Some worked a little too well and Miss Donald had a few near misses.  Not that we were aiming for her!

After learning about castles, it was only right to pay a visit to one and so we (along with P3R and P2/3B) headed to Drum Castle.  What a great day we had.  We got a tour of the castle, impressed the staff with our excellent knowledge and played in the wonderful park.

To bring our topic to a close, we hosted a medieval banquet where we wore crowns, drank from goblets and took part in medieval dancing.  This really has been a topic to remember.

In fact, what an incredible year it has been in P3D!  We have grown so much.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the children from P3D for being a truly wonderful class.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being your teacher this year.  You really are a great bunch!  Love Miss D x