We All Fit Into P6R
















We’ve had a busy term getting to know each other and setting up our vibrant, fun classroom. During our first week in Primary 6, we created a class charter – we discussed our rights and what we should do to ensure everyone enjoys their rights. As a means of signing our class charter, we wrote our names in graffiti writing.

















We also spent some time during the first week creating an iHelp. We discussed what classroom jobs we thought were important to have and created apps accordingly. Miss Ross’ weekly PA has been doing a grand job!

















In addition, we created an “IMprovin’ It” display. The children are regularly using the chips to up-level their vocabulary throughout writing tasks.

















This Term, P6R have been comparing Scotland and Canada through topic. We have familiarised ourselves with how to use an atlas and have completed map work, learning the provinces and territories of Canada as well as cities of Scotland. We have studied the land height of the two counties and used papier-mâché to represent this. More recently, we have been learning about the weather in both countries and have created double bar graphs to display data.




























In addition, we have created some fabulous pieces of art. Firstly, we drew perspective drawings of the Canadian Rockies. Later this week we will be creating colourful landscapes with watercolours, inspired by a popular Canadian artist, Ted Harrison (pictures to follow).
































Within writing, we have written to a school in Saskatoon. The purpose of writing this letter was to tell a Canadian pupil what life is like in Scotland, and to ask questions about what life is like in Canada. We have also focused on descriptive writing where the children used their imagination to write detailed setting descriptions on a Scottish/Canadian setting. All children made an incredible effort. Please see some examples of our outstanding writing below.















































Miss Ross’ maths class have continued to work on fractions and have started to look at how they link to decimals and percentages. Within mental maths, we have been sharing the strategies which work best for us with peers whilst discussing how important it is to show working.






























































We would like to thank all parents, friends and family who attended our Open Afternoon – the children were proud to showcase their work.

It’s been a busy but enjoyable Term 1. Enjoy the October holidays when they come!