No More Plastic

As you may know the Airyhall Eco Group have been very busy trying to stop the amount of plastic entering our oceans. They wrote a letter to the school meals service last year to try to get them to stop using plastic straws. As a result of this some of the group attended the Town House where Councillors debated whether or not to ban single use plastic across the city. The result was successful, showing pupils that they can make a difference to their city. Pupils were warmly welcomed by Councillors and were also given a mention during the debate. They joined Hanover Street School who are also working on the same outcomes.

We were also delighted to be nominated for a ‘Children and Young People’s Award’ for all the work pupils have completed on ‘Learning for Sustainability’. Unfortunately we did not win the category but we were pleased to see our new friends Hanover Street were successful for their work.