P3D – A Big Welcome to P3D!

It has been a busy start to the year for P3D and after all the hard work and fun, we all definitely deserve our holidays!

We began the year by creating a class charter to ensure that we all get to enjoy our right to learn. This was discussed and created as a team effort. We are doing our best to stick to the rules that we made, as we know that they will help us all to be the best P3s that we can be.

One of our first, and most favourite tasks, was to reflect on the wonderful summer holidays that we all had by ‘Looking Back at Summer’.

Term 1 has seen P3D throw ourselves wholeheartedly into our class topic, comparing Scotland to Hawaii, in an environmental study. It has been fascinating to learn more about and compare both locations.  Some highlights have included finding out about the language, traditions, wildlife and weather of these environments.

We particularly enjoyed learning about some of the extreme weathers that can be experienced in Hawaii. We took part in a STEM challenge to create hurricane-proof houses and tested their strength against a hurricane (well, Miss Donald’s hairdryer).

We also learned all about volcanoes and then created our own using household items.

Finally, learning all about the wildlife in both Scotland and Hawaii has been fantastic. Here are some artistic creations highlighting some of the creatures that we focused on.

Next term will see P3D getting into the Christmas spirit with our Enterprise topic. Next stop, the Airyhall Christmas Fair!