A Busy Term

We have had a very busy first term in Primary 7 with lots of visits and visitors.

Starting back in October we visited Slopefield to harvest lots of autumn crops including potatoes, onions, courgettes, marrows etc. There was so much to carry back and share with the school community which helped to emphasise the importance and benefits of locally grown produce, something we looked into further in class and used for our persuasive writing task. We then looked at the advantages and disadvantages of different land use and used this as our stimulus for another persuasive piece ( The Building of Houses on Slopefield Allotment Site!) All completely hypothetical of course!

Remaining on the subject of food  at the beginning of November we looked at and compared Scottish food and Indian food. We prepared and tasted Indian tomato chutney and Naan bread. We loved the spicy flavours but were not so keen on the adverse affects of chopping onions!!

Further to our comparison of Indian and Scottish food we then listened and responded to Scottish and Indian music focusing on instruments, emotional response, tempo, pitch etc. Thereafter we were fortunate to have Mrs Vinood visit us for an Indian dance workshop. We learned lots about the many different Indian dance styles and the differences in them. We also got a chance to try some of them out, pretty exhausting and quite tricky.

As part of our topic we also looked at the festival of Diwali, highlighting the traditions and background to this Autumn celebration.

On 6th November all the P7s took part in a conference call with Koolschools and learned about the importance of ethical trading in India, particularly in the cotton garment industry. We at Airyhall  contribute to this with our Fairtrade school uniform and we witnessed the positive affects of buying from responsible suppliers and employers.

As we all know it was the centenary of the end of World War 1 on the 11th November and P7 presented their research on family members who were part of both WW1 and WW2, to the class. We looked at the causes and main features of these conflicts and did some work with Rev Blackwood on remembrance and what in means to us. On Friday 9th we held a short remembrance ceremony laying a poppy wreath and listening and reflecting on Laurence Binyon’s “For the Fallen”.

Last week P7 attended a Health and Safety Worksop at Absafe where the children took part in Fire, Road, Internet and Railway safety activities, all quite hard- hitting but incredibly important learning experiences, undertaken in real life contexts. The facilitators were particularly impressed with the childrens’ understanding, input and responsible approach to the activities.

The Christmas Fair is fast approaching and our new topic is Business and Enterprise. We were very lucky to start our learning when we welcomed Neil Glover from Figment  coffee shop who shared the process of starting up a new business and all the decision making that it entails.

Now it’s our turn and our company “Lil Pudz” will be open for business this Saturday , so come along and buy our wonderful crispy Christmas puddings before they sell out!!