P6R Science

Following the study of natural disasters such as wild fires (linked to our Term 1 Scotland/Canada comparison topic), Primary 6R have carried out a Science project throughout Term 2 to further explore flooding.

Firstly, the children used iPad’s to research which materials are considered to be flood-resistant. Next, the children carried out an experiment in which they placed a range of materials into water such as clay, shredded plastic, lollipop sticks, clingfilm, tinfoil, string, straws and cardboard. Although we changed the type of material (our variable), it was important we kept the amount of water we used as well as the time each material was submerged in water for the same to ensure the experiment was fair. Before carrying out the experiment, the children predicted what would happen to the various materials when placed in water. After the experiment, the children noted down changes to the structure of each material and used this information to help them when tasked to build their own flood-resistant homes using the same materials. 

Yesterday, the children finished building their houses and we are looking forward to testing how flood-proof they are on Thursday before writing up the process next Tuesday.