From The Poles to Craft in P4K (Term 1 & 2)

What a year it has been so far! P4K have been working very hard on various things.

Term 1

We started the year with a Comparison Topic entitled ‘Aberdeen & The Polar Regions’.  The class started off by looking at the world map and locating our areas of interest.  We then compared climate, land uses, and housing.  The children found it fascinating to learn about where granite came from in Aberdeen (our local Rubislaw Quarry).  We also enjoyed some group work, making our River Dee models, while learning about features of a river. Our tonal art was so fantastic that we decided to show it off by doing it again on our Christmas cards!  Amongst other things,  we thoroughly enjoyed having John Dunn in to speak about his research and visit to Antarctica! He had many interesting facts about The Polar Regions and his work as Polar Embassador inspired a lot of us!

Term 2

This term started off with one focus… CHRISTMAS CRAFT! Our enterprise topic looked at the process of making Christmas decorations (from factories to sales) while working tirelessly on our woolly pom-poms! And, what an end result!  The pom-poms were a huge success at the Fair and our posters definitely had persuasive power!

For one week we focussed hard on Road Safety. We wrote an excellent report on road safety with some super top tips.  There was a ‘Road a Safety Jacket Competition’ as well. Good luck everyone for that! There were some excellent designs.

For the next few weeks, P4 will be focussing on R.M.E. We will be looking at Life Events and customs over three religions: Christianity, Hinduism & Sikhism.  And of course, we will be involved in lots of super Christmas activities as well.  Miss Kay is looking forward to the P4 Party the most!