Primary 6C are on the countdown to Christmas!

Wow!  Hasn’t term 2 been a busy one!  The children, Miss Currie, Miss Davies and Mrs Garden were rushed off their feet getting the enterprise topic up and running and ready for the annual Christmas Fair.  This year we chose to create wonderful wooden Christmas baubles to be hung on trees all across Aberdeen!  The children created a fantastic name and logo for their products.  Rebecca’s suggestion of ‘Wooden Wonderland’ was voted the winner to represent our project.  We all had a great time making and selling our baubles.  We have since evaluated our work and decided whether or not we would make changes if we were to repeat the process.

It’s now time to enter into a new project … Christmas cards!  We will be taking part in an ‘Apprentice’ inspired project where we will each design Christmas cards within our groups and one team will be victorious!

Miss Davies and Mrs Garden have been exploring the effects of flooding on the environment.  As part of this the children have all been involved in designing and creating flood proof homes using materials provided to represent those used when building real homes around us.  Mrs Garden needed to get out the mop afterwards … but what a fantastic time everyone had during the testing process! J

Miss Davies has been teaching the children all about 2D and 3D shapes.  We have learned lots of new vocabulary including vertices, parallel, perpendicular, cross-section, diameter and net.  We created a display within the classroom to help us remember everything, we really have been busy!

Finally, some of us have enjoyed pairing up with the Nursery to read the younger children stories.  Everyone had a lovely time and the younger children loved being joined by the big boys and girls.  Those who did not take part last month will do so before the end of Term 2.

We look forward to the last few BUSY weeks of term before Santa visits!  We have parties, concerts and lots of exciting crafts to get through before we can finally put our feet up and relax … but what fun!

Oh .. and did I mention that P6C will all feature in future olympics?  Just ask Mr Macindoe!


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