Primary 6C!

Primary 6 have long since settled into classroom routines and our Class Charter is well underway.  Children set their own rules to follow back in the classroom in August, all of which are now well embedded in our daily routine and expectation.

During term 1 we had a fantastic time studying the environmental comparisons between Canada and Scotland.  This involved studying a variety of maps and creating our own, paying close attention to colours used to represent height.  We were able to add famous landmarks, capital cities, rivers and regions/territories to the maps following work in class too!

Our favourite maths lessons happened throughout term 1 where children enjoyed developing times table knowledge whilst taking part in games and activities set up outside.  The children are keen to get back outside and explore the other opportunities the outdoors brings to our learning experiences.

Primary 6 were the first of all the classes to visit Slopefield this year.  We enjoyed the opportunity to explore the minibeast mansion, work alongside Terry and carry lots of produce back to school!  It was quite the celebration of a successful summer!


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