2019 Our Last Year at Airyhall

A happy New Year to all and our very last year at Airyhall Primary. Seven years of learning, friendship and fun and the start of a momentous transition from Primary to Secondary. This term we will be working really hard and taking the opportunity to prepare ourselves for our next big steps.

At the end of last term we enjoyed all the run up to Christmas activities. We celebrated our success with our profit – making Christmas enterprise Lilpudz, making a healthy £70 profit to contribute to the PTA Christmas Fair funds.

We learned a little more about the Christian festival of Christmas and planned, contributed to and participated in the uplifting Christmas service at Mannofield Church, a lovely start to the Christmas holidays.

On return to school for the new year we considered what our targets and resolutions were for the new year and wrote some very positive, imaginative poems outlining our hopes for the year . Linked to this we have also been trying to remind ourselves to maintain a positive mindset to our activities and not to be afraid to give things a go! We will continue to focus on resilience and confidence building throughout the year, of particular importance in our transition process.

In this time of current political upheaval it is particularly pertinent that we have as our first topic ” Our “Democratic World” focusing on politics and democracy in both Scotland and the U.K.  as a whole. We enjoyed a class visit from the Scottish Parliament Education Outreach Programme where we learned lots about the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the law making process, key procedures, parties, politicians, powers and even got a chance to debate and vote in an actual, real life issue.

We will also be visiting our Local Government chamber at The Town House and learning about the Council’s roles and responsibilities.